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J Patel Optometrist will provide you with the most extensive optometric care. Our practices are equipped with the latest equipment that technology can provide to ensure you receive the most accurate correction for your vision. Each routine examination includes testing for glaucoma, cataracts, corneal abrasions, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, amblyopia, pink eye, dry eye, and much more!


We are also proud to bring a new technology into the examination room. Our new Retinal Camera takes intricate pictures of the back of the eye or “retina”. With this technology, we can now screen for hundreds of common eye diseases at once. Each photo is blown up over 100x to view even the smallest imperfections shown below.



By determining our customers’ needs and wants, our highly trained staff will work with you to put together the perfect combination of lens design, material, coatings and other options in order to reach a truly customized lens option for you. J Patel Optometrist is equipped with an on-site cutting and fitting laboratory, making it possible, in many cases, to deliver your new lenses at earliest convenience.

• Polarised

Polarised lenses minimise glare, as they eliminate reflections at certain angles from surfaces such as water, snow or sand, giving optimum vision. They improve contrast, reduce eye fatigue, increasedefinition and care for the eyes like no other lens. The perfect lens for driving and sports.


• Progressive Lenses

J Patel Optometrist offers a large choice of progressive lenses. They are all designed according to

strict quality standards in order to meet the varying needs of wearers in terms of price and performance.

We utilise the latest technology “free-form” digital lens designs to reduce distortion and produce

lenses with maximum field of vision providing the most comfortable and easy to use progressive lenses.


• Single Vision lenses

Single vision lenses are the most commonly used corrective lenses. They provide the same correction

over their entire surface. They work for short-sightedness, long-sightedness or astigmatism. With our

range of lenses we can assure you have the thinnest, lightest and most cosmetically appealing lenses

for your specific correction.


• Intermediate Lenses

Mid-distance lenses make it possible to widen the field of close vision by removing, up to a certain

distance, the blur that occurs beyond the reading distance. Adaptation is easy and immediate for       specific uses: viewing a screen is one of the most evident uses of this type of lens.


• Photochromic Lenses

Transitions lenses are clear lenses for everyday use. They darken and automatically adapt to changing

light conditions. They help reduce glare and protect against harmful UV rays. We only use the latest

technology Transitions lenses to ensure maximum protection and maximum efficiency.


J Patel Optometrist separates itself from the rest of the optical community with our custom and digital eyewear measurements. With the use of our Smart Mirror – ipad App, our optometrists can take more precise and accurate progressive measurements. This unit also demonstrates how a lens treatment is of value to the patient's lifestyle. Patients can see the benefits and features of a lens in order to make educated purchase decisions.

We pride ourselves on our dedicated ‘one to one’ service ensuring you receive expert attention while picking your frames. With Smart Mirror dispensing assistant we make the eyewear selection process exciting and easy. It helps you decide which frame you want by taking pictures of you wearing different frames and putting them side by side

Contact Lens fitting

Based on your prescription we will match you with the best suited brand and type of lenses. Our sales team will also provide all the help and instructions required for first time contact lens wearers. We are equipped to fit all types of lenses – disposable and “permanent” soft lenses as well as hard lenses especially for use with keratoconus.


If you have had an accident with your sunglass frame or glasses frame, we will be able to help you. Repairs consisting of screws, lenses falling out, temples bent or other issues can usually be performed in all our stores Free of charge while you wait. We also carry a large variety of nose pads and temple tips.


We offer a wide variety of contact lenses in our stores. We offer Johnson and Johnson Acuvue product, including Acuvue Moist and Acuvue Oasys. For patients with stigmatism, we also carry the astigmatic versions of the Acuvue brands on order only.


We also carry coloured contacts from Freshlook.

Contact lenses require a prescription dated within a year; if your prescription is expired, we’re happy to schedule you an appointment for a contact lens exam with one of our optometrist.



You can also purchase your multi-purpose disinfectant solution in our stores.  They will provide you with a clean and comfortable contact lens-wearing experience

Eye drops

We also have at our disposal a variety of eye drops and solutions to treat common eye problems such as dry eyes and allergies. We can also offer you some great eye supplements and vitamins to ensure great ocular health.

Jaffer Patel

Jaffer Patel is the founder and owner of J. Patel Optometrist Ltd. He received his B.Optom degree from UOW South Africa and is a member of the Optometric Association of South Africa. Dr Patel has over 20 years of experience in the Mauritian market since opening his first practice in Quatre Bornes (1990).


 “This profession combines just the right amount of medical and fashion elements. Engaging and meeting with new people has also been another perk of this job. ”


His career has led him to travel around the world, attending many international trade fairs in order to bring the latest in terms of technology and eye wears. When he is not consulting he can either be found with his family or golfing.

Stephan Kleynhans

Stephan Kleynhans moved from his country of origin, South Africa, and joined J. Patel Optometrist in 2009. He has worked for various private optometric practices in South Africa which specialised in low vision, children’s vision, dispensing and contact lenses. Stephan studied at the University of Johannesburg and obtained his B.Optom degree in 2001. He is also a fellow of the Optometric Association of South Africa.


“It is a great reward when seeing the happiness when giving someone the gift of sight. It is a great feeling to know that through this profession I can make the world a better place by helping people to truly be able to enjoy their life by giving them the clearest possible vision.”


Aside from his work at J. Patel optometrist he loves reading, D.I.Y., going to the gym, swimming, enjoying life with friends and family.




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